New Year, Same Routine

Happy New Year! 

Twas the season… and whew, I’m tired!  😅

Now that students have returned to the classroom, we realize that they are tired – and a little wired – as well! 

So ‘tis the season for remembering the importance of restating and reteaching established classroom routines. 

You’ve spent the first half of the school year working hard to establish and perfect classroom routines. Routines help students feel secure and empowered while adding structure and stability to their day-to-day learning. Therefore, creating and maintaining this sense of normalcy is essential for a successful school year! Reminding students that we still have the same routine after a break is reassuring to them.

Here are some ways to help you maintain and practice those fabulous routines you’ve worked on in ways that are engaging for your students and helpful for you!

Use thematic activities for classroom fun

With all of the holidays in November and December, thematic activities are easy to come by. That doesn’t have to end now that it’s January! Here are a few quick themes and ideas for January:

New Year:

Celebrate the fun a new year brings with this fine motor pack! The activities are an easy addition to morning tubs or any other center.

establish routines with new year fine motor activities


Even if you don’t get snow where you live, it’s still a fun and mesmerizing topic. There are several snow-themed activities in my January Morning Tubs pack, like these snow globe ten frame mats and snowflake word family sorting cards!

review established routines word family sorting


If you aren’t already incorporating a penguin theme, you’re missing out! My Penguin fine motor pack has several adorable learning activities that are easy to incorporate into your school day.

review established routines with penguin fine motor activities

Review skills while reviewing routines

Reviewing skills that students feel comfortable doing independently is a great way to review routines. The students know the standards they are working on, limiting the amount they need to lean on you. This will free you up to monitor the behaviors and reteach classroom routines.

For instance, boom cards are a motivating way to review skills.  This Winter boom cards bundle has 12 packs that cover ten frames, CVC words, 1:1 counting, subitizing, and many other skills!

Continue established routines from day one

Although they might not go perfectly, continue established routines starting the first day back from break, if possible. For example, if you start your mornings with morning tubs, have those ready to go in January because your students will expect them. Not only are tubs a part of your student’s established routine, but they also review skills and provide the motivational factor you’ll need!

By the way, if you need some fresh ideas on morning tubs, be sure to check out my morning tubs blog series!

Take it easy on yourself

Give yourself grace! You likely spent a lot of time practicing your established routine at the beginning of the year. However, don’t feel discouraged when your students need a little practice and a few reminders when they return from break. Trust me when I say it’s normal!

In short, take it easy on yourself and make it easy on yourself by continuing the excellent work you’ve put in so far this year. 

Grab a freebie!

To help you take it easy on yourself, I have a free New Year themed printables pack that I’d be happy to send straight to your inbox! Just fill in your information below.

I hope your January is full of joy!

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