3 Things to Remember at the End of the School Year

Can you believe we’re really about to wrap up the 2020-2021 school year?! I know some days it’s probably felt like an eternity since that first day you walked into your classroom, but May is almost upon us, my friend! You can do it!

I know as we approach the end of the year, there are so many activities going on and things to plan for that can make it easy to get lost in the day to day hustle. This is exactly why I have created a list of tips and resources for you to take with you into the month of May to help you prepare, reflect, and remember what not to forget!

Make a Memory Book

As teachers, I know we’re always looking into the future and planning ahead for what to prepare, but don’t forget to think about everything you’ve accomplished this year first! My Kindergarten Memory Book is a perfect activity to complete throughout the month together and serve as a treasure when they leave your classroom.

New for 2021: My Kindergarten Memory Book is now compatible with Google Slides! This version is included with your purchase. If you already own the memory book, just re-download it to get the link for the Google Slides version.

It comes with 16 pages of content, plus a cover page. Some of the topics included are my teacher, my friends and class, recess, field trips, self portrait, autographs, and even a page for you as the teacher to leave a personalized note in their book. 🙂 And others! Everyone will enjoy completing this together and reflecting on the past year and what’s to come!

Another item on the list of, “What Not to Forget” – Taking pictures! I know as a mom I’m bad about remembering to do this sometimes. I get caught up in the moment or all of my brain power goes to packing and getting my kids out the door that I forget to stop and capture the moment.

I highly recommend taking pictures during your last month of the school year, especially after a year like this. You will want to be reminded down the road of the obstacles you overcame, the masks you had to wear, and the students that made it all worth it. 🙂 The pictures will even be a fun addition to your Kindergarten Memory Book as well!

Prevent the Summer Slide

In case you haven’t decided what to send your students with when they leave you in May, my Kindergarten Summer Review Packet is just the right amount of practice they’ll need in order to keep brushed up on all the skills they’ve learned with you throughout the year. It’s ELA and Math based, with 105 pages of activities as well as reading logs for June, July, and August 2021!

I know the goal isn’t to overwhelm students or parents over the summer, and this packet is an awesome happy medium to keep things simple, as well as engaging while students are out of the classroom.

I also find it super helpful to parents when teachers send home additional activity ideas to complete over the summer. Even if it’s an activity that can be completed as an entire family! It doesn’t have to be fancy or require any supplies, but a list of basic activities or craft ideas goes a long way when parents are desperate for some ideas at home. 🙂

Make Even More Memories!

Just because the year is winding down doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a few more memories! Here are a few simple suggestions that require minimal supplies!

  1. Create Bookmarks – This can be as simple as cutting a strip of paper and coloring it how they choose! You could laminate them and tie a piece of ribbon at the top, but that’s totally optional.
  2. Play Bingo – There are tons of free online Bingo card generators. And no need to buy Bingo chips – any classroom manipulative serves the same purpose! Also, get creative with what topic to incorporate for Bingo. It’s a great way to practice sight words!
  3. Write and illustrate a new story – Ask them to read it aloud to everyone when they’re finished! Or, make a story as a class and save it as a class book!
  4. Paint Rocks – Add them to your garden or front walk!
  5. Have a Picnic Outside – Or if you’re remote learning, do a Zoom lunch!
  6. Take a Trip to the Local Library (if you can) or Create an Account with Epic – There’s a basic free option for Epic that provides books with a “Read to Me” option, or there’s an option that comes with a small monthly fee families can pay if they’d like unlimited access!
  7. Build a Bird Feeder – Pinterest has tons of cheap ideas for DIY bird feeders!
  8. Paint or Draw on T-Shirts – I can typically find a plain white tee at Walmart for around 4 bucks!
  9. Create a Wreath – Take a paper plate and cut out the center. Kids can color or paint flowers on their wreath or glue on little beads, puff balls, or whatever supplies you want to incorporate. They can then hang the wreath around their door handle. 🙂
  10.  Make a Sensory Bottle – Just add water, a couple drops of food coloring, a little cooking oil, and whatever materials you want to in the bottle – Glitter, sequins, water beads, etc.

I know you’ve heard it repeated a million times, but this year has been like none other. It may not seem like it in the moment, but you and your students are going to look back at these days and smile. You’ll want to remember all the memories made and all the “firsts” that had to happen. I hope you enjoy the last month of your school year and can take some of these ideas and resources with you!

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