Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm here to help kindergarten teachers who are looking for hands-on classroom activities by providing high-quality, developmentally-friendly teaching resources.

You’re in the right place if…

…you’re looking for high-quality teaching resources

…you’re short on time and need engaging activities to use right now

…you want to increase the amount of hands-on and fine motor activities in your classroom

After starting my teaching career as a K-2 special education teacher, I landed my dream job as a kindergarten teacher. I put my heart into making my classroom the best it could be for my students. Watching the growth of children throughout the kindergarten year is such a privilege!

I also spent many, many hours outside of school creating activities to supplement my lessons. I had a passion for creating hands-on, developmentally-friendly activities for my students, and I felt the challenge of trying to balance this with being a new mom and spending time with my family.

As teachers, we want to give our students the best learning experiences possible, no matter what it takes. That’s why I love creating resources to help other busy teachers spend more time focusing on doing what they love!

I have experience as a K-2 special education teacher and a kindergarten teacher. My time in both special education and general education classrooms helped broaden my teaching abilities. I love the challenge of meeting the needs of all types of learners, and I strive to create resources that are developmentally-friendly and prioritize hands-on learning.

I live in Kansas with my husband and three children. When I’m not driving my kids to all of their activities, I can be found grabbing an iced caramel latte in the Starbucks drive-thru. I’m a big fan of The Office and Ted Lasso, and my current guilty pleasures are true crime podcasts and crossword puzzles.

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