December Morning Work Tubs

Hey there!  It’s Thanksgiving week, and I hope you’ll have some time to relax and recuperate between eating turkey, shopping, and spending time with family!  
Since December is sneaking up on us, I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my December morning work tubs.  I think the December tub activities are my favorite of all the months’ activities. December is just such a special month, so that might be why!  
I create morning work tub activities 1) to help save you valuable planning time, and 2) to give children fun and interactive activities to do when they arrive to school.  I strive to create a variety of activities with a range of skills and tasks, some more academic, some fine motor-based, and some just for fun.  The important thing to remember about these activities is that they are not learning centers, and they will not increase in difficulty throughout the year to the same degree as learning centers.  That being said, you can count on them to be activities that have a high chance at keeping your students interested and entertained while you go about your morning and before-school tasks!
I always strive to create activities that use materials commonly found in classrooms.  For the most part, you can substitute materials or manipulatives if you don’t have the exact thing I used.  I’ll also links to some of the materials on Amazon, just in case you don’t have them but want to purchase them.
1. Penguin Rhymes Match-Up
2. Winter Word Building (I found the letters here and the small cookie sheet here)
3. Hot Cocoa Count and Clip
4. Letter Tracing Cards
5. I-Spy Letter Mats
6. CVC Word Building Cards (These letters can be found here)
7. Number Tracing (The color-sided die can be found here)
8. Snowman Ten Frames (You can use any buttons or manipulatives. Here are the buttons I used!)
9. Cookie Matching Puzzles
10. Finish the Shape Cards
11. Number Order Puzzles
12.  Color-by-Number Pictures
13. Winter Pattern Cards
14.  Tree Playdough Mats
15. Winter Animal Puzzles
16. Penguin Line Tracing

17.  How to Draw Animal Cards
18. Find-it Picture Mats
19.  Hot Cocoa “Marshmallow” Activity (I love these plastic tweezers from Learning Resources!)
20.  Winter Picture Tracing
If you have any questions about any of the activities, please let me know!  You can purchase just one month’s worth of activities or save with the growing bundle.  For more information, click on the images below.  

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