Digital Resources for Kindergarten

digital learning and remote learning for kindergarten

Back when I was a new teacher, I felt a little apprehensive when it came to using technology and digital resources for kindergarten. Something about rolling a laptop cart into a kindergarten classroom makes my stomach start to churn a little. I wanted to integrate technology into my half-day in exciting and purposeful ways. However, just the amount of time it took my kiddos to log in, get used to a track pad, find the right programs, etc…

…it just wasn’t for me.

Fast-forward eleven years and technology has changed dramatically. Tablets are becoming more common in elementary classrooms, especially this year with the pandemic. Additionally, technology is playing a huge part of our instruction this year, whether we’re ready or not. The future, it seems, is now.

Boom Cards are the Perfect Digital ResourceS for Kindergarten

I consider myself to be above-average when it comes to technology, but it’s just not something I’ve typically enjoyed using with my instruction. This is one of the reasons I’m SO grateful for Boom Cards™!

If you haven’t used Boom Cards™ before, I’m confident that you’ll love them for many of the same reasons I do. Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, you can assign Boom Card™ decks to your students very easily. They’re perfect for skill practice and checking for understanding. They are self-checking so your students are getting an instant response. Plus, they require no prep on your part, aside from assigning them!

Boom Learning Decks

Here are a few of the Boom Card™ decks I’ve created. You can check out my store at Boom Learning here or view my Boom Cards™ in my TpT store here.

  • Alphabet Apples Letter Matching – This activity will have students practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Each card has three apples and three baskets, and there are 25 cards in the deck!
alphabet activities digital resources
  • Strawberry Patch Ten Frames – Students will move the strawberries into the ten frame to reflect the number on the card. (This set is also FREE!)
kindergarten math digital resource
  • Read and Check {Short I} – These Short I Read and Check activities are perfect! The student will read a sentence that contains a vowel word, in this case a short I word family word, and then select the picture that matches the sentence.
word family digital resource
  • Flower First Sound Isolation – This little gem comes with 45 BOOM Cards! Each card will show a picture and there will be three different letter options. Students will tap on the letter that matches the first sounds of the picture!
kindergarten literacy digital resource

Plus so many more!

Let me know which cards you love best! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram (@kroltgen).

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