February Morning Work Tubs

With all of the excitement with the holidays behind us, I can’t help but feel like February is still a pretty busy month.  Between parent/teacher conferences, the 100th day of school, and Valentine’s Day parties, February is usually its own special kind of busy!

Although it’s a busy month, it’s always nice to have some solid routines in place that can help maintain some sense of normalcy.  If you’ve been using my morning work tubs this year, I hope that your mornings are running pretty smoothly by this point in the year!

Today I’m sharing about my February morning work tub activities.  Just like every other tub activity pack, this month has 20 activities that touch on a variety of skills.  Many of this month’s activities have a Valentine’s Day theme!

Although most of the materials used for the activities are commonly found in many classrooms, I’ll provide Amazon links to certain materials that you may not have or might be curious about!

1. Valentine’s Day Word Building: I included eight vocabulary word cards that can be used for word building with magnetic letters, writing on mini white boards, or in any way you choose.
2. Counting Hearts Clip-It Cards: These feature numbers to 20.
3. Letter Building Cards: This is a fun activity to use with mini erasers!
4. Colorful Hearts Transfer Activity: Although this activity seems simple, I increased the difficulty this month by using metal tweezers instead of jumbo plastic tweezers and pony beads instead of pom-pom balls.

5. Hearts Cut and Punch Cards: My students have always loved using single hole-punchers.  I printed the hearts on a variety of colors for students to cut out and punch on the dots.  
6. Spin and Cover: This has a 1-6 version and a 7-12 version.  Here’s another great way to use those mini erasers we all love!
7. Pinning or Tracing Pages: If the thought of your students using jumbo push pins keeps you up at night, it’s okay!  You can have students trace the pictures instead.  But I’ve found that the vast majority of students will take the responsibility of using push pins very seriously, especially with guidance and practice.
8. Uppercase/Lowercase Clip-It Cards: This activity may be too simple for some of your kiddos at this point in the year and, if it is, you’ll have to use something else instead.  This is one of those times when it’s hard to make printable activities that are guaranteed to work in 100% of classrooms!  But for those kids who need a little extra practice, here’s a great activity.
9. Missing Number Hearts: There are THREE versions of this activity: 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30.  You can pick and choose one or more versions to use based on your students’ needs!  If you want to make it a little more fun, add some sticky-back hook-and-loop dots to the number mats and heart cards.
10. Bobsled Ten Frame Puzzles: With the winter games coming up, here’s a simple-but-fun thematic activity!
11. Love Bug Counting Cards: I used these bug counters for this activity.  The cards go up to 30 and there are editable cards if you want to use larger numbers.
12. Onset/Rime Puzzles: There are 20 puzzles included with this activity.
13. Letter Building Mats: Most kids I know can’t get enough of playdough, so I included another set of these letter building mats this month.
14. Real-Life 2-D Shapes Find-It Bag: I used multi-color dyed rice in a gallon-sized bag for this activity.  You’ll put the object cards in the bag, tape up the zipped end, and give students the shape cards.  When they find an object in the bag, they’ll locate it on the shape cards and cross it off or color it in.
15. Love Monster Addition or Subtraction Sort: You can choose the addition or subtraction version for this activity.  Both versions include numbers within 10, but you can pick and choose the cards you want to use.
16. Sequencing Puzzles: I had dozens of requests for more sequencing puzzles, so here are a few more!
17. Playdough Food Mats: This activity really allows your students to be creative!  Each of the six mats lets students add to the food picture using playdough.  For example, they’ll add toppings to a pizza or add gumballs to a gumball machine.
18. Valentine Word Families: Students will sort the picture cards under the correct word family envelope.  You can make this even more fun by writing the word family endings onto real envelopes!
19. Line Tracing: These cards work on vertical lines.
20. Heart Pattern Cards: There are AB and ABC pattern cards included. 
If you have any questions about this month’s activities, please let me know!  To check out the pack on TpT, click on the covers below.

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