December Centers for Kindergarten

Can you believe that it’s nearly December?  A few weeks ago, I started planning ahead for December and realized my December centers pack on TpT needed an update.  I wanted to share about the centers today and let you know what the updates are, just in case you need to go re-download!

When I updated this pack of centers, I added a black-and-white version for each center.  You could save color ink by printing these on holiday-colored paper.  Each center also has either a recording page or a practice page.  Evidence of learning? Check!  And yes, answer keys are included as well.

I have always had student instruction pages with these centers, but I’ve found recently that I really like having cards with real-life photos of the activity.  So, I added half-page student instruction cards that are similar to the cards I recently added to my Halloween and Turkey centers.

There are six literacy centers and six math centers.  Here’s a peek:

(Top Row)

1. Reindeer Rhymes Clip Cards
2. Reindeer Writing (Writing CVC words)
3. Reindeer Roll and Read (Short a and short i sentences)

(Bottom Row)

4. Rudolph’s Vowel Sort (includes pictures and sorting cards for all five short vowels)
5. Spin-a-Letter (color by ending sound)
6. Syllable counting (words with 1, 2, or 3 syllables)

Here are the math centers:

(Top Row)

1. Reindeer Number Tracing
2. Santa’s Workshop Counting (counting sets of 11-20 objects)
3. What’s the Number? (missing numbers from 0-20)

(Bottom Row)

4. Ornament Sort (sorting 2-D and 3-D shapes)
5. Reindeer Addition (addition within 5)
6. Compare the Numbers (numbers 0-10)

Here’s an example of the newly-added student instruction cards.  They’re half pages so they fit nicely in a plastic tub!

I hope that these centers add some Christmas and reindeer-themed fun to your classroom this December!  If you’re interested in learning more, click on the image below.  Have a good day!

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