January Morning Work Tubs

Here is a peek at my January Morning Work Tub activities.  I hope that my morning work tubs help save you some planning time!  The January pack includes several new types of activities that I think your students will love, including this non-standard measurement activity:

 …and pony bead pattern cards (these are GREAT for fine motor work!):
Although I incorporate literacy and math practice into many of the tub activities, there are some that are more fine motor-focused or seasonal in nature.  I do this to make sure I keep the tub activities interesting for your students and different than learning centers.  Learning centers are wonderful, but when it comes to before school activities, I like to include a little more variety!  Of course, it’s always important to squeeze in learning opportunities where we can!!  Here’s an example of some ten frame activities!
Like in previous months, I strive to create activities that require materials that most teachers have in their classrooms already, or at least make it possible to substitute materials that you don’t have.  I do find some of my materials on Amazon, so I’ll link to those below to help save you time!
Here is a look at all 20 activities:
1. Snowy Sight Word or Letter Writing
2. Snow Globe Ten Frames (I got the snowflake buttons here, but you could also use mini erasers!)
3. Mitten Count and Match (I add a fine motor component by adding links like these!)
4. Spin a Snowman

5. Build an Igloo (Here are the plastic cubes on Amazon, but some teachers have found them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!  You can also use wooden blocks.)
6. Word Family Snowflake Sort
7. Missing Number Lines
8. Pony Bead Pattern Cards (I found the beads on Amazon.)

9. Rolling into Winter (If you don’t already have any of these pocket cubes, you should consider getting some! They’re extremely versatile in the classroom!)
10. Fuzzy Mitten Transfer Activity (I love these tweezers from Learning Resources!)
11. How to Draw Animal Cards
12. Healthy/Unhealthy Food Sort

13. Missing Letter Cards
14. Gumball Roll and Cover
15. Winter Measurement (The students will use unifix cubes to measure.)
16. Real-Life 2-D Shape Puzzles
17. Rhyming Dominoes
18. Beginning Sound Clip-It Cards
19. Winter Number Tracing Cards
20. CVC Word Tracing Picture Cards
I promise I will be a good blogger and blog about February’s tubs before it’s actually February!  If you want to grab February’s pack now to get a head start, it’s available here.
Let me know if you have any questions about the activities!  You can grab the January pack by itself, or get the discounted bundle!  Click on the covers below for more information.

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