March Morning Work Tubs

Hi there!  It’s nearly March and I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my March Morning Work Tubs

As with previous months’ tubs, I really try to create these activities in a way that makes them flexible material-wise.  Usually, if you don’t have the same exact materials or manipulatives that I’m using, you can still use the activity.  You may have to modify it to some extent.  I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to go out and spend a lot of money to get materials for these tubs!  
Here is a peek at all 20 activities.  I’ve included affiliate links to some of the materials on Amazon if you’re needing to get anything!  
1. Rhyming Leprechaun Link-Up (these are the links I have)
2. St. Patrick’s Day Pictures 
3. Rainbow Final Consonant Matching
4. Shamrock Cut and Punch
5. Colorful Pots of Gold (You can use pony beads, pom-pom balls, etc.)
6. Gold Subtraction Smash
7. Good as Gold Letter Writing (I used a mixture of white sand and gold glitter.  Instead of letters, you could also use the sight word cards from the word building activity below)
8. Pot of Gold Transfer Activity (I got the sparkly gold pom-poms from Hobby Lobby!)
9. Word Building (You can use any letter beads, or students can write on mini white boards, build with magnetic letters, etc.)
10. Spin and Graph
11. Echo Drawing
12. Leprechaun Letter Match (You can cover the letters on the leprechaun’s beard with pom-pom balls, mini erasers, plastic gold coins, etc.)

13.  Color-by-Number (There is also a Color-by-Sum version for added difficulty.)
14. Count and Cover 
15. CVC Word Clip-It Cards
16. Number Mats
17. Rainforest Animals 9×9 Puzzles
18. Scrambled-Up Sentences
19. Missing Numbers
20. Push Pin Pages
I love to see pictures of these tubs in action!  If you have a great way of storing your tub activities or if you have some pictures of these in action (no student faces, please), you can share them with me on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram (@kroltgen).

You can find the March tubs by clicking here!  Save on the entire year-long bundle by clicking here.  You can also click on the images below.


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