Must-Have Kindergarten Memory Books for End of Year

Interested in creating memory books for your kindergarten students this year?

This post will help you decide what to include in them, remind you why they are so meaningful to parents and caregivers of students and even direct you to a printable kindergarten memory book that you can use in your classroom if you don’t have time to make your own!

kindergarten memory book printable

Why Kindergarten Memory Books are Important

Kindergarten is such an important year in elementary school! It might be the very first year of school for some kids and is definitely the first “big kid” year of school for sure. So much more is expected these days in kindergarten than in preschool.

Students are learning to read, write, add, subtract and sooo much more! Creating a little memory book of the entire kindergarten year can be the perfect keepsake for parents to have to remember this huge life milestone for their child!

What to Put in a Kindergarten Memory Book

There are tons of different things that you can put in a kindergarten memory book! Like I said, I tend to think of these books as the perfect end of the year gift for parents and care givers of students.

As a mom, I love getting to see photos of my kids from throughout their school year, different drawings that they did and how their writing and handwriting has changed so much from August-May! I always take that into consideration when creating these keepsake books for kindergartners.

Below I’ve listed some ideas for what to include from your kindergarten memories throughout this book.

what to put in kindergarten memory book

Kindergarten Memory Book Ideas

Here are some ideas for what to put in your end of year kindergarten keepsake book.

(Please note: I do not wait until the end of the school year to create these!

I plan it out at the beginning of the year and then we slowly create these as we go through the year. This way they are all ready by the end of the school year and I am not scrambling during the busy end of year time!)

Cover Page

The cover page can be super simple. Either create a page with clip art for students to write their name on or have students draw themselves as a kindergartener to create the cover page for the memory book.

Self Portrait

Have students draw a picture of what they look like. These turn out precious and truly show off their artistic skills at this age.

All About Me Page

This page is usually one of the parent’s favorites. Think of how fun it is for them to look back on this with their child when they are graduating high school!

I include fill in the blank sentences here with things pre-written such as:

I am ___ years old.

My favorite color is ___.

My favorite food is ___.

all about kindergarten memory book

My School

On this page you can have students write the name of their school and draw a picture of the school.

My Class

On this page I always printed out a class picture for them to glue here! It is so fun for them to have all of their friends on one picture to look back on!

My Teacher

This is the page for students to fill in your name and maybe some things about you (such as why thy love you!)

I always love to let them do a little drawing of me as well! It turns out so cute!

My Friends

Have them draw a picture of some of their friends and write about activities that they like to do with their friends.

Field Trip Time

This is the perfect page to post some pictures from field trips throughout the school year!

kindergarten memory book from teacher

Spotlight on Specials

For these pages, you could have a separate page for each special that your kids have during the week. For example you might have a Spotlight on Art, Spotlight on P.E. and a Spotlight on Music page.

You can have them draw a picture of something they enjoyed during during specials or post a real photo of them here during specials if you have one.

Growing Up: Beginning of Year to End of Year

This is the perfect spot to post a first day of school picture with a current end of year picture!

I don’t know about you but I don’t always realize how much my students have truly grown and changed over the course of just 9 months! This is so fun for their families to see!

A Note from My Teacher

This page is obviously my favorite. It’s a chance for us teachers to personally write a unique message to each student and tell them reasons why you have enjoyed having them in your class.

My students absolutely adored hearing what I wrote about them! It melted my heart!

Autograph Page

Having an autograph page is perfect to take an hour outside during the final days of school and let students write special notes to each other to always remember their bond during this special kindergarten year.

Printable Kindergarten Memory Books

Want a done for you kindergarten memory book to use with your class?

You can grab an editable one below that includes all of the pages discussed above and MORE!

Check out 5 tips for making these kindergarten memory books!

kindergarten memory book

These are actually printable and digital so you can post the digital portion on the SMARTboard for kids to see how to fill it in while you work on this as a class! This editable kindergarten memory book has 23 student pages all with prompts and 3 different choices for a cover that are editable!

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Do you make end of year memory books with your students?

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