Mermaid Letter Tracing Cards

Hey there!  Today, I wanted to take just a second to share this adorable activity that I made for my three year-old!  She is fascinated by mermaids and we stumbled upon this fun tape at Target that reminded us of mermaids.  I decided to turn it into a hands-on alphabet activity for her.

I bought a couple containers of blue and silver glitter and some clear hair gel.  Once we got home, I made a quick hair gel sensory bag by putting the hair gel and glitter together in a gallon-sized zipper baggie.  The blue and silver glitter mixed together makes it look like an ocean!

Then I sealed the bag and sealed it with a few layers of the tape.  I taped the opposite end as well.

Since my daughter is only three, I picked a handful of letters for her to practice writing on the bag with her finger.  She knows how to write the four letters in her name, so I included those plus 6 other letters she knows really well.  It was a hit!

If you’re looking for the same tape, I found it at Target but it’s also available on Amazon here (affiliate link).

Click on the image below to get these cards in my store!

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