Mini Cookie Sheet Activity – First Sound Cover-Up

Hello there!  I came up with a fun little activity that my kindergartener loves!  I think it would be perfect for literacy centers or as a small group activity.

I love these mini magnetic cookie sheets and I use them for many of my morning work tub activities.  I wanted to branch out from just using magnetic letters, so I found these colorful circle magnets on Amazon and made this activity!

This activity includes ten pages of first sound isolation practice.  Basically, you’ll put one activity page on a mini cookie sheet and provide magnets that match the colors in the code at the top (i.e. Q=green, etc.).  Students will use the correct color magnet to cover up all of the pictures that start with each letter.  Some of the pages have two letters and some have three.

What if you have magnets to use but they don’t match mine? That’s okay, because the colors are editable!  This activity is a Powerpoint file so you must open it in Powerpoint to change the colors.

Click on the picture below for more information!  

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