Printable Literacy Games for Kindergarten

One of the most exciting activities for a child is playing a game. What’s better than the joy of playing a game? Using games in the classroom is an easy way for teachers to reinforce important skills while providing students with something motivating and fun!

I’ve often wished that I had more review games for my kindergarten students. Sometimes after a whole-group literacy lesson, I want to check students’ understanding by having them play a partner game. This way, I can walk around the room and make observations and ask questions, all while my students are actively engaged in a low prep activity.

printable literacy games for kindergarten science of reading

I also know the feeling of needing more high-quality activities to use in guided reading groups. I don’t always use games in small group lessons, but occasionally it’s fun to break out a game to reinforce short vowels, letter sounds, or another skill I’m targeting.

Printable Kindergarten Literacy Games

I made a pack of printable literacy games for kindergarten that cover a wide range of common literacy skills. These games are high-interest, hands-on skill practice games that require very little preparation. Most games just include a game board and a set of cards.  Some are designed for two players and others are designed for up to four players. Simply print the games on your paper of choice, cut it out, and you’re set!

printable literacy games for kindergarten science of reading

All of the games in this pack practice literacy skills such as rhyming, sound isolation, letter sound knowledge, and word family work.

As far as materials needed, some games require mini erasers or other small objects to use as game tokens. But that’s the extent of it – you won’t need to locate tons of manipulatives to use these. I like to keep mini erasers in little containers that can easily be accessed for activities like these!

printable literacy games for kindergarten science of reading

What skills are covered?

The skills covered by these games are:

  • Alphabet practice (letter identification and sounds)
  • Rhyming
  • Syllables
  • Short A CVC Words
  • Short E CVC Words
  • Short I CVC Words
  • Short O CVC Words
  • Short U CVC Words
  • Sound Isolation
  • Short Vowels
  • CVCe Words
  • Digraphs
  • Blends
printable literacy games for kindergarten science of reading

How many games are included?

There are 77 games included in the pack – enough that you’ll get great use out of them all school year long!

printable literacy games for kindergarten science of reading

My own kids love to play these games at home, too. They only take a couple minutes for me to print and cut out. My six year-old found a new use for her Hatchimals – she used them in this Hop to Rhyme game!

I love these games and I believe that your students will, too! Try this free syllables game today – it will be sent straight to your inbox once you enter your info below.

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