Trace the Numbers 1-20 for Kindergarten

Are you looking for some tracing numbers practice sheets to use with your kindergarten students?  When students trace numbers it is actually a fun way to work on number formation and number recognition. 

Want to know something else? 

It is actually a great way for kindergarten kids to work on their fine motor skills too!

Let’s check out some trace the numbers printable pages for your little learner and some of the best ways for them to work on fine motor skills!

Whether you are a homeschool parent, preschool or kindergarten teacher or just a parent looking for number tracing activities, I hope you find what you need here!

trace the numbers kindergarten

Fine Motor Practice for Younger Kids: Why is it Important?

First, let’s dive a bit more into fine motor skills and why the heck they are so important.

Did you know that studies have linked fine motor skills with academic achievement and have found that students with better fine motor skills in kindergarten had higher rates of academic growth through middle school?!

Young kids start developing their fine motor skills as early as babies!

Let’s think about it:

In the first year of life, they begin grasping objects with their whole hand (palmar grasp) and later progress to more refined movements like using their thumb and forefinger (pincer grasp) to pick up small objects.

Then over time, they utilize their fine motor skills for things like turning pages in a book, stacking blocks and attempting to use utensils.

By the time they are 5 and 6 year olds, their fine motor skills have typically developed to a point where they can hold a pencil with a reasonable grip and control. They can trace lines, copy shapes, and start forming recognizable letters and numbers.

Children must have strong fine motor skills in order to create correct number and letter formations when writing.

When kiddos dive into number tracing worksheets, they’re not just having fun—they’re secretly becoming handwriting champs. It’s like a mini-training session for their hand-eye coordination, helping them nail down those strokes with confidence.

Want to help your kindergartners develop their fine motor skills in a fun way?


fine motor skills activities kindergarten

★ Rainbow Tracing

★ Prewriting Line Tracing

★ Left-to-Right Line Tracing

★ Pencil Control Line Tracing

★ Top-to-Bottom Line Tracing

★ Maze Tracing

★ Path Tracing

★ Trace and Color Pictures

★ One-Snip Cutting Half Pages

★ Line Cutting Pages (two styles)

★ Cut and Glue Pictures

★ Make a Puzzle

★ Alphabet Match

More Fun Ideas for Practicing Fine Motor Skills

trace the number worksheets

Writing Numbers 1-20: Trace the Numbers Printables

Now, let’s talk about something else super important in kindergarten:

Learning to write numbers!

Understanding how to correctly form numbers lays the groundwork for a child’s overall math journey.

It helps them recognize and comprehend numbers, which is essential for counting, addition, subtraction and more complex math concepts in the future.

Skill level doesn’t matter because we’ve got you covered with some printable number tracing activities that your students will love:

Numbers 1-20 Spin & Trace

Looking to keep your students totally hooked while they practice their number tracing?

Enter Spin and Trace the Number Activities!

This resource takes the everyday task of tracing numbers and turn it into an exciting game!

Picture the buzz of excitement in your classroom as students team up and take turns using a simple paperclip to spin their way through the numbers.

The room will be alive with cheers and focused attention!

This hands-on approach not only helps them get those number formations just right but also encourages teamwork and social skills.

It’s a learning experience that’s both educational and loads of fun.

Check out the Numbers 1-20 Spin & Trace here and get ready for all the squeals of fun happening in your classroom!

number writing practice spin and trace

Numbers 1-20 Mini Books

These mini books are perfect for preschool or kindergarten students to start practicing the correct number formations.

They are way more fun than those typical trace the numbers worksheets.

These are adorable number books with different activities on each page of ways for your students to practice writing their numbers.

For example, there is a page in which they rainbow write the number, a page where they count and draw, plus tracing number pages with dotted lines!

When I taught kindergarten, we would typically do these together because there is example pages and then I would have them do some independent work with them also.

These little Number Mini Books will keep them engaged for awhile!

rainbow writing number practice kindergarten

Looking for More Hands-On Ideas for Math for Different Skill Levels?

Check out these Math Task Box Centers practicing numbers 1-20 or grab the entire Kindergarten Math Centers Bundle!

What other activities do you do to work on number formations with your students?

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