100th Day of School in Kindergarten

The 100th day of school in Kindergarten is a BIG day!

Why not celebrate having your first 100 days of school and being able to count up to 100?! Most every kindergarten classroom I know still has a 100th-day celebration and I am absolutely HERE for all of the fun! This was one of my favorite days out of the school year and I want to share all of my simple ideas with you so that your big day can be filled with so much fun but also lots of learning!

Make sure you keep reading because below I’ve included a FREE resource for you to use in your Kindergarten Memory Book below plus tons of more FUN ideas for the 100th day of school in kindergarten!

100th day of school activities kindergarten

The 100th Day Celebration in Kindergarten is Magical

The 100th day of school is the perfect opportunity to loosen up the lesson plans just a bit and try some different activities! Kindergarten students think 100 is like the biggest number ever and they LOVE to party and celebrate the magical day!

It’s a chance to infuse joy and creativity into the classroom, allowing children to explore the concept of 100 in various fun ways. From dressing up as 100-year-olds to counting 100 objects, from engaging in 100-themed crafts to participating in counting challenges, the excitement is palpable. As teachers, we get to witness their eyes light up with amazement as they realize the enormity of reaching this milestone. So, why not seize this opportunity to dive into imaginative and hands-on activities, making this a very memorable day!

100th Day of School Ideas to Make it FUN!

Dress up as if You are 100 Years Old

There is not much cuter than kindergarten students dressed up like grandmothers and grandfathers! I have seen so many families get creative with this- using dry shampoo to dye their hair gray, putting them in panty hose or borrowing a cane from a grandparent. The kids think it is pretty fun to “look old” and let’s be honest-us teachers have a lot of fun with this one too!

Use the Aging Booth App

For those of you that don’t want to mess with the trouble of dressing up, this is the next best thing. Go to the Aging Booth App (I always bookmarked it on a few class ipads) and let students take their picture as they finish their morning work. The app will immediately “make them look older” and then you can print these during lunch time and have them do a writing project in the afternoon.

100th Day Snack for Kindergarten

Are you ready for a super fun idea to make this milestone even more special? Get your kinders even more excited with a fantastic 100th day trail mix creation! It’s easy, tasty and it’s all about celebrating that awesome “100” number. 

Here’s what you’ll need: a bunch of snack items like pretzels, popcorn, raisins, Cheerios, chocolate chips, Hershey’s Kisses, goldfish crackers, mini marshmallows, teddy grahams and m&ms. You can change this items however you see fit! Just have a good mix of sweet and salty!

I make a list of what we need in a google doc and have parents sign up to donate each item. It might be safe to ask for 2 bags of each item so you have enough for each student. Then give each student a premade paper that has 10 circles on it. This will be for counting so the circles need to be large enough to fit 10 of each item in it. Grab a FREE sorting mat here!

 I like to put paper plates on each table of all of the trail mix items and then it’s the students’ job to count 10 of each snack item into each circle section. Once they are done with that, they can count all of the groups by 10s to see that they have 100 items! Then I simply give them each a ziploc with their name on it and they dump it in there to mix it together! Voila! A 100th day trail mix!

It’s the easiest and most tastiest snack ever! We usually eat this towards the end of the day after our last recess.

Math Activities for the 100th Day of School

100th day of school snack
100th day of kindergarten math activities
free 100th day counting mat

Count to 100 Fruit Loops Necklace

This one is simple but actually really engaging for the kids. Give each student a hundreds chart (or just use the FREE counting mat I have for you!) and a bag of pre-filled fruit loops (have parent volunteers help you pre-count ahead of time making sure each student has a bag of 100 fruit loops).

Students will place one fruit loop on each number as they count from one to one hundred! Then make it even more fun by having them take their 100 fruit loops and string them to make a necklace! As they get hungry throughout the day, they can just take a bite of their necklace! I love this activity because it is fun, a fine motor activity and also works on number identification.

Plastic Cup Towers

100th day challenges are my favorite! Put students in groups of 3-4 students. Then grab some solo cups (100 to be exact for each group). Have some friendly competition and challnge your students to work together! See who can build the tallest tower, the widest tower, the coolest tower. Have them vote for the winners of each if you want. I love this activity because their creativity really shines through!

Bulletin Board Ideas for the Special 100th Day

I am 100 Days Brighter Craft for Kindergarten

During our 100th day fun, I always made sure to create a cute craft for our bulletin board. I liked to use this 100 Days Brighter Craft because I could incorporate a cute picture, the kids got to cut and glue AND they got to practice counting by tens! I felt like it was a win-win for a really simple yet fun craft! 

100th day of school activities
100th day of school craft

When I am 100 Years Old Writing Activity for Kindergarten

Remember when you used the Aging Booth App earlier to create pictures of your students at 100 years old? After lunch, pass out their pictures and have them write a few sentences about what they will do when they are 100 years old. It’s really hilarious to see what kids think elderly people do! It always gave me a chuckle! These make super cute writing samples for the bulletin board.

100th Day of School Centers for Kindergarten

While celebrating the 100th day of school makes it nice to do a lot of whole group activities as a class, I always still tried to incorporate some center time for small groups as well. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kindergarteners to engage in hands-on activities that celebrate this special milestone while reinforcing key concepts. 

In these themed centers, little learners can immerse themselves in exciting tasks. These centers foster teamwork, problem-solving and mathematical skills, making the 100th day of school an interactive and memorable experience for each child.

100th Day of School Fine Motor Activities

This fine motor pack will honestly keep your entire day planned for you if you are lucky enough to get to everything in it! It’s full of so much FUN! It includes 10 activities total that can be used as morning work, center activities or just fun 100th day of school activities in kindergarten. 

​Some of the activities are printables and others require some preparation such as laminating.

​Here are the different fine motor activities that are included:

1. Cutting activities (three are included)

2. Dotting

3. Cover-up page

4. Linking

5. Hole punching

6. Tweezing

7. Letter writing

8. Bead stringing

9. Sticker activity

10. Pokey pin pages

100th day of school centers kindergarten

100th Day of School Read Alouds

You can’t have a special occasion in my opinion without some great read aloud stories. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite books to read on the 100th day of school right here for you!

100th Day of School Memory Book Page

I always made special Memory Books with my kindergarten class towards the end of the school year. They are just such a great keepsake and my parents always raved about how much they loved them. Students would fill them with information about themselves, a self-portrait, a picture from the first day of school, a picture of the class, info about the teacher, their favorite book and pictures of them during each of their specials doing something fun. 


100th day of school writing activity memory book
100th day fine motor

I love this memory book so much that I wanted to gift you a FREE page to add to it from the 100th day of school! We would usually complete this at the end of the day. You can use the photo from the Aging Booth app I talked about at the beginning of this post or you can have them draw a picture of themselves. Grab it below by entering your email and I’ll send it directly to you! Enjoy!

Make sure you tag me on Instagram and show me how you are celebrating this fun day if you use any of these 100th Day Activities!

Happy 100th Day of School! 

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