All Time Favorite Alphabet Books for Kindergarten

Kindergartners and the letters of the alphabet go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every kindergarten classroom you walk into will have letter posters on the walls and a large collection of alphabet books on their shelves.

As kindergarten teachers, it is our job to help refine kindergarten students’ knowledge and concrete understanding of the alphabet letters. By the end of the first quarter, they should be able to identify each letter, write each letter and announce the sound that each letter makes with ease so that they can use their letter knowledge for reading words.

You wanna know every kindergarten teacher’s favorite way to do this?

Through children’s books, of course!

Are you looking for some alphabet books for your kindergarten classroom? Look no further because you have definitely come to the right place!

Below, I have listed and linked my absolute favorite and best (in my opinion) alphabet books for kindergarten. In addition, I will also share 2 super simple activities that were my favorite ways to have my kinder students practice their letter knowledge in my classroom!

alphabet books for kindergarten

Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

It’s not only important to have letter recognition, it’s also important to practice writing each letter formation and identifying them. The first quarter of the school year is always spent on alphabet review in a kindergarten classroom. I always made sure to make it as fun as possible for my kinder babies!

We had an alphabet boot camp and each day we reviewed a new letter of the alphabet and even had some fun dress up and crazy days to celebrate during. In addition to reading my favorite ABC books to my class, I had 2 other printable activities for my students to do during alphabet practice.

The first activity is Alphabet Mini Books.

alphabet books for kindergarten

Alphabet Mini Books are great for whole group, small group, independent work or literacy centers when you are focusing on a letter of the day. Each mini-book has rainbow tracing, letter tracing/writing, letter identification, coloring pictures beginning with the sound, writing words beginning with the letter and simple sentence reading. There is a mini book for each letter of the alphabet, with two different options for ‘x.’

The next activity that I love doing with kindergarteners during our alphabet review boot camp is creating a paper-tearing alphabet book. These are so fun and actually really adorable keepsakes! 

There are a couple of different ways you can incorporate this when reading alphabet books in your kindergarten classroom:

  • You could do this individually and have the student complete the letter from the book when you review it that day. 
  • You could have each student create their own over a few day span when you are finished reviewing the letters. 
  • Use it as a literacy or fine motor center station.
  • Use it for morning work.
  • Make a class book!


Alphabet Activities Mega Bundle

Letter Sound Coloring Pages

Favorite Alphabet Books for Kindergarten:

Here is my full list of the best alphabet books that you should read this year to your kindergarten class.

1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by: Bill Martin Jr.

Watch lowercase letters climb a coconut tree in a fun, rhyming adventure! It’s a lively and colorful way to learn the ABCs.

Chicka Chicka boom boom kindergarten

2. A to Z by: Sandra Boynton

Animals having a blast while teaching the alphabet! It’s quirky, funny, and a guaranteed hit with the little ones.

3. LMNO Peas by: Keith Baker

Meet cute and quirky little peas demonstrating each letter’s personality – it’s an adorable and interactive way to learn the alphabet.

4. Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book

Classic Dr. Seuss magic! Rhymes, illustrations, and zany characters make learning the alphabet an absolute blast.

Chicka Chicka boom boom kindergarten

5. Mr. Paint Pig’s ABC’s by: Richard Scarry

 Dive into a world of colors and creativity with Scarry’s lovable characters teaching the ABCs in a fun and artistic way.

6. The Sleepy Little Alphabet by: Judy Sierra 

A calming bedtime story featuring the alphabet winding down for the night. It’s perfect for a peaceful classroom activity.

sleepy little alphabet

7. Alligator’s All Around an Alphabet by: Maurice Sendak

Join an adventurous alligator through the alphabet! It’s Maurice Sendak’s signature charm teaching the ABCs.

8. The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book by: Lisa Campbell Ernst

Get ready for a twist! This book shakes up the alphabet with unexpected letter formations, sparking curiosity.

9. Alphabet City by: Stephen T. Johnson

Stunning photos of cityscapes reveal hidden letters, encouraging kids to spot alphabets in everyday places.

Alphabet City alphabet book for kindergarten

10. B is for Bulldozer by: June Sobel

Construction-themed learning! Vibrant illustrations and rhythmic text make this book a hit with vehicle enthusiasts.

11. Alphabet Mystery by: Audrey Wood

A detective story for the alphabet! Kids will love solving the mystery of the missing letter X.

Alphabet Mystery alphabet book for kindergarten

12. Harold’s ABC Book by: Crockett Johnson

Join Harold and his purple crayon on an imaginative alphabet journey that celebrates creativity.

13. Apple Pie ABC by: Alison Murray

An appetizing way to learn the ABCs! Delicious illustrations make this book a tasty treat.

Apple Pie ABC book kindergarten

14. AlphaOops! The Day Z Went First by: Alethea Kontis

This is one of my absolute favorites! Chaos ensues when Z demands to go first in this hilarious and unconventional alphabet adventure!

15. Eating the Alphabet by: Lois Ehlert

Learn the ABCs while exploring fruits and veggies! It’s a colorful and healthy way to learn letters.

16. We Mix Up our ABCs by: Aaron Wills

Get ready for a mixed-up alphabet! Authored by a school principal, it encourages problem-solving and critical thinking.

17. The Hidden Alphabet by: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Discover hidden letters in cleverly designed pages! It’s a fun way to spot the alphabet in everyday objects.

18. If Rocks Could Sing by: Leslie McGuirk

Imagine a world where rocks tell stories! This book brings the alphabet to life through uniquely shaped rocks, sparking imagination and discovery in young readers.

19. Q is for Duck by: Michael Folsom 

This book challenges traditional thinking about the alphabet – it’s quirky, funny, and unconventional!

20. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABC by: Eric Carle

Eric Carle’s beloved illustrations make learning the alphabet a familiar and engaging experience for little ones.

alphabet activities and books kindergarten

Alphabet Books are so Important for Young Readers in Kindergarten!

Alphabet books play a crucial role in teaching essential skills to young kids. These top-notch books are awesome tools for learning letters and their sounds. Moreover, these alphabet books serve as more than just teaching tools; they’re bridges to creativity and imagination! Each colorful page and engaging story sparks curiosity, encouraging kids to ask questions and explore beyond the letters. As they flip through the pages of these books, children embark on adventures, discovering new words and concepts. 

This list of alphabet books offers tons of exciting stories that will engage kindergarteners. They don’t just teach ABCs; they also help kids get ready to read. These books make learning fun, opening up a fantastic world of words for kindergarteners to explore and enjoy to overall become better readers!

What Alphabet Books for Kindergarten are Your Favorites?

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