Build a Turkey! {A FREE Fine Motor Thanksgiving Activity}

With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to share a fun and free activity that involves turkeys and fine motor work!

This Build a Turkey activity incorporates a little extra fine motor fun into your Thanksgiving classroom fun. There’s a simple turkey body template that students can color and cut out. Then there are six feathers and each feather has its own specific fine motor task!

Once students complete all the feathers, they can reassemble the parts to create their own large turkey! These are so neat because each student’s turkey will look unique, depending on how they complete each activity!

build a turkey fine motor activity for kindergarten

What’s included in the free download?

This activity includes a turkey body template, turkey feet templates, and six feather templates.

How does this activity work?

There are several ways you can complete this activity, and it does take some time and organization. If you’re doing the activity with other teachers, you could set up “fine motor” stations and have students rotate in groups from one feather to the next. Otherwise, you could focus on completing one turkey feather or part each day until they’re complete.

turkey fine motor activity for kindergarten

What fine motor tasks are included?

Here’s a look at the six feathers!

1. Glue Dotting

gluing practice for kindergarten

This feather has small black dots. After cutting out the feather, students can use liquid glue on each dot. Then they can put buttons or another small object on each dot. You could also use small dot stickers for this activity.

2. Cutting Lines

cutting fine motor practice

This feather is for practicing cutting. After cutting out the feather, students will cut carefully on each of the diagonal lines. Then they can fan them forward and backward to create a fun effect.

3. Line Tracing

line tracing fine motor

This feather is for practicing line tracing. After cutting out the feather, students will use crayons to rainbow trace on the lines from left to right.

4. Hole Punching and Lacing

hole punching and lacing fine motor

This feather is for practicing hole punching and lacing. After cutting out the feather, students will use a hole punch to punch the dots around the feather. Then they will lace through the holes with a piece of yarn. Tape the yarn ends in place on the back.

5. Dotting

dot sticker practice fine motor

This feather is for dotting practice. After cutting out the feather, students will cover each dot with a dot sticker or they can use a dot marker on each dot.

6. Paper Tearing

paper tearing fine motor

This feather is for practicing paper tearing. After cutting out the feather, students will tear strips of colorful paper into small squares. Then they will glue the pieces on the turkey feather.

What materials are required?

Turkey templates (one body, two feet per student)

Hole punchers (these are the best for little hands!)

Yarn, cut into pieces approximately 12-15 inches long

Dot stickers OR dot markers


Colorful paper strips

Glue (glue sticks and glue bottles, preferably)

Buttons or another small object (this pack has a good variety)

Student scissors


fine motor materials

How do we keep the pieces organized?

As students complete each piece, have them first write their name on the back of the piece. This is especially important if you’re completing these with other classes or on multiple days.

turkey thanksgiving activity for kindergarten

Where can I download this activity?

You can have this activity sent to your inbox! Just fill out the form below, and you’ll receive an email with a link to download the activity.

Where can I find more turkey activities?

Here are a few other turkey resources to help you out!

I hope you LOVE this activity! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more ideas!

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