Bunny Hop CVC Word Game Freebie

One of my favorite and most popular activities is my Bunny Hop CVC Word Game, and it also happens to be my most-downloaded freebie on TpT.  It was one of the first resources I ever created and although it’s well-loved, I felt like it needed a bit of an update.  I spent my day working on it and it’s ready for download now!
If you haven’t used the game before, it is simply a board game with CVC words on the spaces.  The goal of the game is to get your bunny to the basket of eggs while reading CVC words along the way.  There is a color version and a black-and-white version so you can save that precious ink if you need to!
When I updated the file, I did make one minor change.  The game used to require the assembly of a cube for students to roll while playing.  I decided to change it to a spinner for a few reasons (who doesn’t love spinners?!), but mostly because spinners are way easier to store from year-to-year.  My game cubes kept getting crushed in my file cabinet and I had to reassemble them every year.  No thanks!
I recently found these awesome plastic spinners on Amazon, and they are a game changer!  I’m laminating the spinner mats and hot gluing the plastic spinner right on top.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the good ol’ paper clip-and-a-pencil spinner trick, either!
Another important thing to remember is that you absolutely don’t have to use the bunny game pieces!  You can use mini erasers, manipulatives, or anything else you have on hand.  
This game is perfect as a partner activity, learning center, RTI activity, guided reading group activity, and much more!  I would LOVE to see how you and your students are using the game!  Tag me on Instagram (@kroltgen) or on Facebook!
Click on the cover image below to grab this freebie!  I hope you love it!

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