Bunny Number Bonds {Freebie}

Spring is just around the corner!  Today, I’m teaming up with Kim from Elementary Antics and several other bloggers to share a fun spring idea and freebie!

I have a fun and free activity about number bonds today.  As we all know, helping students become familiar with number bonds is important to building number sense in children.  Understanding part-part-whole relationships between numbers helps students understand addition and subtraction, and number bonds help strengthen mental math strategies.

Now, although we know the importance of number bonds, it’s good to remember that our students are very young, and the use of concrete materials in their learning and understanding is crucial.  You can use all types of manipulatives and materials to have students learn about number bonds in a hands-on way.  Some of my favorites are unifix cubes, pom-pom balls, and double-sided counters.

The activity pages I’m sharing with you today are the perfect complement to your instruction on number bonds!  As you can see, the number bonds are bunny-shaped, which makes this the perfect spring activity!

Click on the cover image below to download.  Enjoy!

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