February Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

I recently added the February Literacy Centers to my Literacy Centers Bundle and I’m so excited to share about them!  As I’m creating the activities, I love looking back to the first couple packs and seeing how the skills have progressed.  That’s what I love about kindergarten: the progress students make is so much fun to watch!

That being said, we all know that our students will still be in lots of different places and some will be ready to advance to blends and trickier vowels, while other are still mastering letter sounds and sound isolation. The great thing about these centers is, since they’re not thematic, you can easily differentiate them.  You can use the centers as I’ve planned them out for your on-level students, then grab some of the April or May activities for your advanced students, and then repeat some earlier activities from November/December for your students who need more practice.

Here’s a look at the centers.  As usual, I have repeated some of the sight word activities but added a couple new ones, which are stamping and bead stringing.  If you don’t have alphabet stamps, I’ll link my favorite ones below, but you could swap out stamps for rainbow writing, playdough stamping, or any other activity.  The same goes for the bead stringing!  It’s a great fine motor activity, but if you don’t have alphabet beads available, you can switch out the activity.  Just print the editable sight word cards to accompany whatever activity you choose.

Sight Word Centers:  This month’s four sight word centers are Sight Word Stamping, Magnetic Letter Word Building, Bead Stringing, and Rainbow Writing.

Sort It Out Centers:  This month, the sorting center mixes up some of the word families that students have worked with in previous months, then it introduces the short e word families with an -ed/-en/-et sort, followed by a short e/short u sort.

You’ll notice that the first three sorts have both pictures and words, but the last sort is just pictures.  In the short e/short u sort, students should be listening for and distinguishing the medial vowel sounds without looking at the word.

 Letters and Sounds: The four centers in this category are Short i/o/u Medial Sticky Sounds, Ending Sound Clip-It Cards, Read and Draw, and Word Puzzles.  I added two versions of the word puzzles: one with CVC words and one with CVCC words with ending blends.

Literacy Spotlight: The four literacy spotlight activities are CVC Word Distinguishing Cards, Scrambled Sentences, CVC Word Find-It Mats, and Roll-a-Word.

I’m a Writer Centers: The four writing activities are Fix-It-Up Sentences, Write the Room, Sequence and Write, and Picture Prompt Writing.

If you need to grab any materials for the centers, click on the image below to see the materials I use on Amazon!

Grab the February Literacy Centers or my Literacy Centers Bundle by clicking on the images below.  Have a great day!

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