Halloween Fine Motor Activities

I’m so excited to share about my Halloween-themed fine motor activities!  The whole month of October always seems a little crazy with parent/teacher conferences, work days, and Halloween parties.  The activities in this pack add to the excitement and fun but also reinforce critical fine motor skills!

I’ve been hearing about all sorts of great ways you’re all using these fine motor activities in your classrooms.  They’re being used in small groups in preschools, morning tubs in kindergarten and first grade, and even as fast-finisher activities. I print and prep lots of the activities for my four year-old at home and she works on them as she wants.  I put materials she’ll need in a storage caddy.
Here’s a look at the activities in the Halloween pack!
Paper Tearing: Paper tearing is a simple activity but it’s great for strengthening those finger muscles!  You can lengthen this activity by having students cut out around the simple ghost shape, glue it onto a black piece of construction paper, and then tear and glue white pieces of paper onto the ghost. This helps the ghosts stand out a little more, plus it makes a great bulletin board art activity!
Cutting Activities: Like in my other fine motor packs, I included a couple different activities. The first activity practices cutting around a strip of pictures and cutting the pictures out.  
The second and third activities are puzzle activities. You can give students the pages with the puzzles or you can cut out around them and just have students cut the puzzles apart.  Once students cut the puzzles apart, they can mix up the puzzle, reassemble it, and glue it onto a half-piece of construction paper.  
The fourth activity is a shape jack-o’-lantern. Students can pick which shapes they want to cut out for the jack-o’-lantern’s face.
Pinning Pictures: These are half-page pictures for students to poke with jumbo push pins.  
Dot Pages: There are a couple different things you could do with this page. You can have students cover the dots with small dot stickers.  You could also have students dot the dots with an ink pad and a cotton swab. 

Bead Stringing: I’m always trying to think of creative ways to use pipe cleaners.  These spiders are actually very simple to put together!  You’ll need two pipe cleaners for each spider. Cut each pipe cleaner in half. Poke holes in the sides of the spider near the base of the legs. String the pipe cleaners through and tape them on the back.  Students will string pony beads onto the spiders’ legs, sorting by color as they go.
Number Card Tweezing: These web number cards are perfect for counting plastic spiders!  There are also some simple addition cards for numbers within 5 if your students need a challenge.
Linking:  Students will count the candy on each monster card and link it to the correct number.
Alphabet Card Tweezing: These cards are great for using those mini erasers!  Having students use tweezers to put the mini erasers on the cards adds a great fine motor challenge.
Gluing: Provide students with construction paper squares OR give them strips of construction paper and let them cut squares.  Then they will use liquid glue to dot each black circle dot and place a construction paper square on each dot.
Playdough Mats: There are various Halloween-themed mats. Just print and laminate the mats!
Line Tracing: Students will trace lines from left to right. They progress in difficulty, so choose the cards that are best for your kiddos.
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If you’re needing materials for the activities, I have them all linked on Amazon. Click on the image below to see them!
Click on the image below to check out the Halloween pack on TpT!  If you use them in your classroom, be sure to share and tag me!  Facebook: Resources by Mrs. Roltgen/Instagram: @kroltgen

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