November Morning Work Tubs

Happy November!  Although Halloween is exciting and all, I’m ready for November!  November is when fall really settles in here in Kansas and I am so excited just thinking about the next couple months of holidays and excitement!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a peek at my November morning work tub activities.  Just like all of my other packs, there are 20 activities that cover a variety of skills and topics.

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1. Turkey ABC Clip-It Cards:  These adorable turkeys are impossible to resist!  This activity practices matching uppercase and lowercase letters.  
2. Popcorn Letter Tracing: Of course you don’t have to use popcorn kernels for this activity – you can use mini erasers, acorns, or any other small object.  Increase the difficulty by throwing in a pair of tweezers!
3. Pumpkin Seed Ten Frames: This is one of my all-time favorite tub activities!  Hopefully you have some dried pumpkin seeds saved from carving pumpkins, but if you don’t, most grocery stores have them year-round!  
4. Pattern Block Pictures: These are the plastic pattern blocks I have!
5. Letter Magnet Match-Up:  My kids have always loved magnetic letters so I included this activity.  These are the magnetic letters I have – they’re great quality!
6. Count and Clip Cards:  These count and clip cards have great fall-themed clip art!
7. Fall Number Tracing: You can use these as tracing cards by laminating them and providing dry-erase markers.  You could also use them as pokey pin cards and print multiple copies of the activity.
8. Counting Feathers:  Students will add feathers to the turkeys to match the number shown on each turkey.  Any craft feathers will do.  I have had these from Amazon for two years and they’ve held up nicely.
9. 3-D Shape Building:  Students will build 3-D shapes with playdough.  If you haven’t introduced 3-D shapes yet, you can save this activity for another month and add something different here.
10. Wooden Stick Shapes: Using the number of sticks shown on each mat, students will build the 2-D shapes.
11. Pizza Count and Smash: Students will create small balls of red playdough to match the number on each mat.  Then, they will smash each ball to create pepperonis on each pizza.  This is my daughter’s favorite!
12. Number Order Puzzles: Make this activity easier for your students by putting each of the puzzles into separate zipper baggies.
13. Color Sorting: I use these jumbo plastic tweezers for this activity and have students sort pom-poms.  You can also use other colorful objects that you have on hand!
14. Line Tracing Cards: These are farm animal-themed!
15. Thanksgiving Dinner Spy and Write: Students will count how many of each food type are on the page and record their answers.
16. Picture Tracing Cards: This is a simple and fun thematic activity.  Students can trace both the picture and the word on each card.
17. Color-by-Picture Cards: Students will color the objects on each card by type of object.
18. Linking Cube Pattern Cards: These are great for pattern work and fine motor practice!
19. CVC Word Puzzles: These puzzles have strong picture support for your newest readers!
20. Community Helper Match-Up Puzzles:  Students will match the community helper to the tool or object he or she might use.  
Click on the images below to view the November pack or the year-long bundle in my store!
Have a great week!

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