October Morning Work Tubs

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Happy Monday!  It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of September already.  Our weather is supposed to be in the 90s here today, but then it will cool off and truly feel like fall!  I’m *mostly* ready.  🙂

If you’re using morning tubs with your kindergarteners, then you’re probably getting ready to change out your activities at the end of the month.  I wanted to share the activities in my October Morning Work Tubs pack today!

(If you haven’t started using tubs with your kinders but are thinking about it, I have some ideas about tub storage and organization in this blog post.)

1. Leaf Counting Clip-It Cards: Students will count the leaves and clip the correct number.  These are made self-checking when you place a small dot sticker on the back to indicate the correct number.
2. Fall Vocabulary Word Building:  I use these mini magnetic cookie sheets because they fit into tubs better.  These are the magnetic letters that I have.
3. Pumpkin Uppercase Letter Tracing: Laminate these cards and have students trace with dry-erase markers.  There’s a black-and-white version too so you could print on orange cardstock to save ink!
4. Apple Match Linking Cards: Add a fine motor component to this letter-matching activity by having students link the two matching cards with these plastic links.

5. Color Matching Clip-It Cards: Something about vertical clip-it cards is just more fun!  You can use regular-sized clothespins or mini clothespins.
6. Building Numbers:  I love using bendable wax sticks (like these) because they stick to laminated paper so well!  I recommend cutting them into various lengths.
7. Domino Count and Match:  I have always loved activities using dominoes and I’ve found that kindergarteners really enjoy using them, too.  This is a simple counting and sorting activity that shows them different combinations to each number, too!
8. Find-It Pictures:  These are simple but fun hidden picture mats with a variety of themes.

9. Sort by Color:  Add more fine motor fun to this color sort activity by letting students use jumbo plastic tweezers or scooper tongs!
10. Cube Pictures:  Students will use plastic cubes to make each fall and Halloween picture.
11. Shape Tracing Cards: You can laminate these and have students trace with a dry-erase marker.  Or, you could have students build the shapes with dry beans or small pasta!
12. Number Order Puzzles:  I suggest placing the pieces for each puzzle into sandwich-sized zipper baggies to keep the puzzles separate.

13. Food Group Sorting Cards: Students will sort each food based on whether it’s a fruit or vegetable.
14. Acorn Count and Match Puzzles: These are great for one-to-one counting to 12.  You could even add real acorns and students could put acorns on the acorn pictures to more strongly reinforce counting!
15. Picture Tracing Cards: These are Halloween-themed pictures that provide fun line-tracing practice!
16. Pumpkin Patch Playdough Mat: Students will roll balls of playdough to make pumpkins to show each number.

17. Fall-Themed Letter Playdough Mats:  Students will build each number using playdough.  You could also have students build the numbers with mini erasers or another small manipulative.
18.  Line Tracing Cards:  Students will trace on the line from left to right.
19. Sequencing Puzzles:  There are four sequencing puzzles, and I recommend keeping the pieces for each puzzle together in quart-sized baggies.
20. Color-by-Number Mats:  These are fall-themed and are a simple introduction to the concept of coloring by number.

If you have any questions about the tub activities, please leave me a comment below!  You can grab the October tubs or the year-long bundle by clicking on the photos below.  Have a great week!

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