Star Eraser Freebies

Hey everyone!  Yesterday, I saw these awesome star erasers in the Target Dollar Spot and I knew they would be perfect for the classroom!  I whipped up a few activities that use the erasers and I’m sharing them today!

I made these ten frame half-page mats (color or black and white).  There are single and double ten frame options.  I laminated mine and cut them in half.  I thought they would work great for small group math.  You can write the number you want each student to build on the ten frame, and they’ll build it with the erasers.  Then, erase and repeat!  I also included two practice pages.

Click here to download the ten frame activities.

The next activities are for addition and subtraction for numbers 0-5.   I made small addition and subtraction cards (just cut these apart), half-page mats, and blank recording pages.  Choose whether you want students to do addition or subtraction.  Then, they will draw a card, place it on the mat, use the mat to help solve if needed, and then record the addition or subtraction sentence on the sheet.  You’ll want to make sure to model how to use the erasers when solving subtraction, as it can be tricky.  There are also two practice pages.  Students can use the erasers to solve on these as well.

Click here to download the addition and subtraction activities.

Last is number bonds!  The activity has a mat and a recording page.  To use the activity, students will spin a number.  Then, they will place that number of erasers in the large circle of the number bond.  Next, they will split the number into the two smaller parts of the number bond.  Finally, they will record their number bond on the recording page.

Click here to download the number bonds activities.

As your school year winds down, I hope some of these activities come in handy!  I have ideas for more activities that use these star erasers, and I’ll post again if I come up with anything else.  Enjoy!

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