27 Read-Alouds for the New School Year

No matter what grade you teach, you’re sure to have a wide variety of emotions entering your classroom this new school year. You’ll see students who are eager, excited, and ambitious, but also students who are annoyed, unmotivated, and disappointed that summer is over. Helping your students form a positive and growth mindset around school will need to be one of the very first things you establish this new school year!

To have a good relationship with your students from the very beginning of the year, it’s important to build trust, understanding, and accept students for who they are. To help you do this and get your new school year kicked off right, I want to share with you 27 different read-alouds to get your classroom setting goals, building relationships, having positive attitudes, and just being excited about being back in school! I’ve also added a few to the list just for YOU, too! 🙂

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Goal-Setting Read-Alouds

Goal setting is a skill that everyone uses all the way into adulthood! When your kids know how to set goals and are motivated by growth, both big and small, it’s a great way to instill confidence and work ethic. Here are a few of my favorite goal setting read alouds:

Building Relationships Read-Alouds

I love that there are more and more read alouds popping up about showing empathy, being kind, and showing how to be a good friend. With more and more diversity being present in schools and many kids meeting for the very first time, talking through being brave, how to help each other, acknowledging differences in one another in a positive way, and what it means to have a good friendship is super important. 

Positive Attitude Read-Alouds

I really believe everything stems from your mindset – how you interact with your peers, your confidence and self-esteem, perseverance and determination – having a positive attitude affects it all in the best way. This is by far a category of read alouds that I feel is most important simply because of that! If our students know how to regulate their emotions and overcome their negative emotions, it’s going to set them up to be more self-aware, empathetic to others, and more capable of maintaining positive relationships with their teachers and peers.

Back to School Read-Alouds

And of course there are always some first day of school “specifics” that are always super fun. 🙂 While all of the read alouds listed above can be applied to at least one aspect of starting a new year, it’s still fun to get your students excited about all the possibilities to come in the new school year, as well as first day jitters and those uneasy first day of school thoughts.

Good Reads for YOU!

Teachers can read for fun, too! 😉 I have just a few books to share with you to add to your classroom just for you, a book to add to your nightly routine, or a fun back to school gift for your best teacher pal.

I hope these read alouds bring your first few weeks of school some fun, intention, and love. Have a great year!

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