Five Apple Life Cycle Activities for Kindergarten

September is truly one of my favorite months in the classroom. By the end of the month, I really feel like we start to hit our stride. Some of my favorite topics to teach about are also in September. I love activities about apples, sunflowers, and all things fall!

Learning about the life cycle of an apple is a great topic for September. With kindergarteners, we use lots of visuals to teach about life cycles. Whether you’re using books, posters, or pocket chart cards, visuals are critical!

apple life cycle activities for kindergarten

Here are five activities from my Apple Life Cycles Pack that work perfectly with your unit about apples and/or life cycles!

Apple Life Cycle Vocabulary Cards

These simple pocket chart vocabulary cards go along well with read alouds and any other apple life cycle activity. One way I like to reinforce vocabulary is to point out examples in text. For example, when you see apple blossoms in a photo, show the vocabulary card to make the connection.

apple life cycle vocabulary cards for kindergarten

Apple Life Cycle Sequencing Cards

These sequencing cards are easy to use and they correspond with the other activities in my life cycle pack. As a class, place the cards in order. You can have student helpers point to the next card in the sequence. There are so many options with these!

apple life cycle sequencing activities for kindergarten

Apple Life Cycle Flip-Up Book

I love flip-up books because they’re just interactive enough to make students really engaged, but they aren’t super complicated. With this flip-up book, students will cut out the pictures. Then they will match each picture to the correct life cycle step.

apple life cycle activities for kindergarten

Apple Life Cycle Crown

If you’ve been around my site for a while, you already know how much I love kindergarteners in crowns. 😉 I made two crown templates just to give you a couple style options.

apple life cycle crown for kindergarten

They both have a cut and paste sequencing activity that corresponds with the flip-up book and sequencing cards. I love keeping everything consistent for my students!

apple life cycle crown for kindergarten

Apple Life Cycle Printables:

These are a couple printable activities that reinforce the vocabulary and life cycle steps.

apple life cycle printable activities for kindergarten
apple life cycle printable activities for kindergarten

Free Companion Activity!

I created this Apple Life Cycle tracing mini book as a companion to any of your apple life cycle activities! It has traceable apple life cycle vocabulary words and matching images to color.

apple life cycle for kindergarten free download

If you’re interested in this freebie, just fill out the form below and it will be sent straight to your inbox!

One More Thing…

Be sure to check out my Apple Read Alouds post for some book suggestions. Many of them would be good companions for these life cycle activities!

apple life cycle activities for kindergarten

I’d love to see pictures of your classroom apple activities! Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@kroltgen) and tag me in your pictures!

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