St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kindergarten

Are you looking for some fun and engaging St. Patrick’s Day activities to do in your kindergarten classroom? Look no further! From directed drawing pages to thematic morning tubs, these creative and easy activities are sure to make St. Patrick’s Day special and memorable for your students. Whether you’re looking for a quick no-prep activity or hands-on thematic activities, these ideas can help inject a little leprechaun magic into your lesson plans!

Low-Prep Activities and Time Fillers

Although our classrooms are usually buzzing with activity, sometimes you need a five minute time filler. Or, you might be looking for a new activity for those rained-out recesses that tend to happen this time of year.

These are times when St. Patrick’s Day activities can really work their magic! For example, these St. Patrick’s Day directed drawing pages are motivating and just plain fun! Students will love getting to draw St. Patrick’s Day themed pictures with easy-to-follow steps, and you’ll love the chance to sneak in a little extra writing practice!

Another low-prep activity that boosts fine motor strength is St. Patrick’s Day pinning pages. All you need for this activity is a push pin or even a sharpened pencil. Alternatively, if push pins aren’t a good fit for your classroom, these are great rainbow tracing pages!

Another great option for recess or downtime is these color-by-number sheets. Not only are they super easy to print and go, you can also use them in a math center! Add a six-sided die and students can roll and color the pictures.

St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Games

I love using classroom games! They are so great for speaking and listening standards, building social skills, and just good old-fashioned fun! I have a few in particular that are engaging and have the perfect St. Patrick’s Day theme.

First up, Where’s the Gold? is a number recognition activity that works in whole group or partner settings. Students love trying to find where the gold is hiding. I love this game because it’s easy to learn, highly motivating, and can be played over and over again. 

Another way to add St. Patrick’s Day activities into your lessons is to add seasonal manipulatives to a non-thematic game. For example, my Kindergarten Literacy Games pack has dozens of non-thematic games, and you can pick from several that meet your students’ needs. Then add plastic gold coins for students to use as manipulatives, voila! It becomes a St. Patrick’s Day game!

Routines + St. Patrick’s Day Magic

Although my March morning tubs pack isn’t entirely made of St. Patrick’s Day activities, there are still several that your students will love.

These Pot of Gold Counting Mats have number cards to 30. Students will count “gold” (aka pom-pom balls) onto the pot of gold. Here are some sparkly gold pom-pom balls that work perfectly for this activity!

Since we’re typically working on addition this time of year, this Shamrock Addition activity really comes in handy! Students will draw two shamrock number cards and add. They can use the ten frame as a tool to help them solve as well.

A great St. Patrick’s Day activity that works on literacy skills is these Leprechaun Ladders! Word ladders work really well for practice with phoneme and grapheme substitution. You’ll love this St. Patrick’s Day twist on traditionally word ladders!

Have a magical St. Patrick’s Day!

These St. Patrick’s Day activities for kindergarten can certainly make your students practice important skills while having fun at the same time! From simple low-prep activities to themed games, the possibilities are endless! Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram if you tried out any of these ideas and how they worked out! I hope your St. Patrick’s Day is full of magic, and maybe some of these resources will help to make it feel just a little luckier!

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