Winter-Themed Teaching Ideas for Kindergarten

Although winter is not my favorite season, sometimes you just have to embrace the situation you’re in! One way to do that is by incorporating winter themes into our classroom. The winter season opens the door to many engaging activities that not only captivate the imaginations of young learners but also infuse the classroom with a sense of wintery wonder. Today, I’m sharing a variety of winter-themed activities tailored specifically for kindergarteners.

Why should teachers incorporate winter themes?

Incorporating winter themes in kindergarten teaching holds significant educational and developmental benefits for young learners. Here are just a few of them:

  • Engagement and Excitement: Thematic activities add an element of excitement and wonder to the learning environment, capturing your students’ imaginations and attention. In January, winter-related activities can increase your students’ enthusiasm for learning – especially on some of these dreary days!
  • Contextual Learning: Seasonal themes provide a context for learning that is relatable and meaningful for children. Connecting lessons to familiar winter experiences helps our students make real-world connections and enhances their understanding.
  • Language Development: Winter-themed read alouds and learning activities contribute to language development. For example, describing winter scenes, discussing winter-related concepts, and engaging in conversations promote vocabulary expansion and language skills.

Use winter themes for added classroom fun

With all of the holidays in December, January, and February, thematic activities are easy to come by. However, here are a couple quick themes and ideas for January that aren’t based on a holiday:


Talking about penguins is a must for January! I love using some of these penguin fine motor activities in my learning centers.

winter penguin theme
winter penguin theme

I found these penguin erasers in the Target dollar spot years ago, but here are some similar ones! Placing these mini erasers on the slide looks so simple, but it’s the perfect activity for strengthening students’ grasp!

If a print-and-go resource is more your style, I have some penguin-themed pages in my Winter No-Prep Printables pack. They’re an easy way to maintain the penguin theme while using skill practice pages.

winter no prep for kindergarten


Even if you don’t get snow where you live, the topic of snow can still be fun! For example, you students can “make it snow” with this snowy word sorting activity from my January Morning Tubs for Kindergarten pack.

snow winter theme

With all of that snow, you students will need this mitten activity to warm up! 🙂 I love how easily this mitten matching activity is turned into fine motor work with the addition of plastic links.

snow winter fine motor


Snowmen are another natural winter theme, especially if you’re already talking about snow. For example, what kindergartener wouldn’t love “building” snowmen by clipping their hats on in this fun fine motor activity?!

snowman winter theme for kindergarten

Sometimes no-prep is key, especially with the craziness winter time can bring. My January No-Prep Printables pack has many winter-themed printables like these:

snowman winter theme for kindergarten

Weather is always a “hot” topic even when it’s cold outside! Let your students voice their opinions on cold vs. hot weather with this opinion writing page.

snowman winter theme for kindergarten

Teaching with winter themes is good for teachers, too!

I know that winter, especially in cold regions, can bring a lot of mixed feelings. Post-holiday fatigue, being cold all.the.time, and spending too much time indoors can affect us all. Here in Kansas, we have an air of unpredictability with snow days in the winter.

My best advice for getting through winter to team up with other grade level teachers for planning and support. Use winter themes to embrace the good things about winter and before you know it, the sun will shine again! 🙂

Have a great week!

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