Go-To Guide to Morning Tubs: Part 5 – Assigning Tubs

Hello! Today is part five of my morning tubs summer blog series and it’s all about the topic of assigning tubs.

This topic is a big one for a lot of reasons. Your decision to assign or not assign tubs might change from one year to the next. Some classes might handle choosing their own tubs really well, while others might need them assigned. It also might change throughout the year!

Let’s break down the pros and cons of assigning and not assigning tubs and talk about some management ideas!

kindergarten morning tubs

Option 1: Assigning Tubs

There are several benefits to assigning which tub activity each student will work on each day. Of course it’s a little more work for you, but you can create a system that makes it easier.

Pros: Gives you more control; prevents student conflict over tubs; helps students get started faster

Cons: Requires setup and planning

Managing Assigned Tubs:

  1. Pocket Chart System: One simple way to assign tubs is to use a pocket chart. Simply place each student’s picture or name in a column or columns. Then put a card with the tub number next to each student’s picture/name. Each day, you’ll rotate the numbers.
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2. Handing Out Tubs: Another idea is to pass out the tubs each morning. Place the tub activity at each student’s seat so it’s ready for them upon arrival. Students can put away their own tub after they’re done. If you use this strategy, be sure to keep a checklist so you can see which tub to give each student.

kindergarten morning tubs

Option 2: Students Choose Tubs

The most hands-off solution is to let students choose their own tub activities each day. As long as you take time to set expectations for choosing tubs and take time to practice, this option can work really well!

Pros: Less work for you; students may be motivated by getting to make their own choice

Cons: More room for student conflict or indecision

Managing Student-Chosen Tubs

Be sure to talk with your students about expectations for choosing their own tubs. What will they do if they want the same activity as another student? Are they supposed to pick a new activity each day, or is it okay if they pick the same activity more than once?

Option 3: A Mixture of Both

Another option is to start the school year by assigning tubs, but switch to student-chosen tubs halfway through the year. This option works well if your students are showing strong independence with completing their tub activities and could handle choosing their own tubs.

In Summary

Regardless of whether you assign tubs or allow student choice, students can have a positive experience with morning tubs and they can be run smoothly.

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