On My Own! {Mini Math Activities for Kindergarten – Set 1}

I’m SO excited to announce a brand-new resource that I just added to my store!
I love creating activities for kids to do during those times when they are working independently at school.  My morning work tub activities have been so much fun to create because I know kids enjoy doing them and they help ensure your students are engaged with meaningful tasks.  
My newest creation is a new series called “On My Own!”.  They are designed to be used by students independently, such as during math center time or as an early-finisher task.  Within the series, each set will have 16 activities that cover four kindergarten math skill areas.  So, there are four games per skill.   They are extremely versatile!  
*They are non-thematic and can be used at any point in the school year.  
*You can use just the activity portion (i.e. don’t print the label/instruction cards) as guided math activities, partner activities, or activities to send home for reinforcement!
Although I taught half-day kindergarten, I started my career as a kindergarten special education teacher.  I wish I had this resource back then!  Special education teachers need activities like these that don’t have a lot of “fluff” (such as distracting thematic clip art) and are highly focused on one particular skill.  For special education teachers, math intervention teachers, and math specialists, these are perfect to grab for quick skill practice or assessment!
I’m on the plastic photo case bandwagon (who isn’t?!) and I designed these so that they fit into those photo cases. Please note that you do not have to buy a photo case to use these activities!  🙂  I feel very strongly that although we love neat organizational tools, you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy something pricey to make an activity possible in your classroom!  These also fit into pencil boxes or pouches, zipper baggies or envelopes, or plastic shoe boxes and bins.  
Within the resource on TpT, I go into more detail about how to prepare the activities.  Basically, for each activity, there’s a label card, an instruction card, the activity itself, and either a recording page or a practice page.  Some of the activities require a recording page, but others do not.  For activities that work without a recording page, I included practice pages just in case you need an evidence of learning tool.  
If you’re using the plastic photo boxes or a pencil box, you can laminate and cut out everything.  Then, I used these hook-and-loop sticky-back dots to stick the label on the front of the lid and the instruction card on the back of the lid.  If you do this, you can change out the activities as often as you like!  You can just buy one of the photo cases and store the activities in baggies or envelopes when not in use.
These activities don’t require very many materials, but here is a list of materials needed and recommended.  (If you want links to materials, they are at the bottom of the post!)
This specific set includes activities that cover the following four skill areas:
1. Numbers to 10
2. Numbers 11-20

3. Writing Numbers to 10

4. Writing Numbers 11-20

Finally, I’ve had a few questions about what other activities I’m planning to make and whether there will be a growing bundle available.  I can tell you that yes, I’m going to make a growing bundle of the activities.  My current plan is to make five sets, each with 16 activities.  Set 1 is completed, and I’m working on a calendar of when the remaining sets will be completed.  Depending on the feedback I receive and what additional skills you tell me you need, I am open to creating sets beyond those five.  I will make an announcement when the growing bundle is available!  
Just a side note:  If you want to purchase Set 1 to get a head start on preparation, but want to purchase the growing bundle when it’s available, you can contact TpT for a refund for your purchase of Set 1 once you buy the growing bundle. 🙂
I am SO excited to share these activities with you and your students.  I hope they are helpful!  You can click on the image below for more information.
Here are affiliate links to specific items so you can see what I used:  Plastic spinnersColor-sided diceRed & Yellow double-sided countershook-and-loop sticky dotscolorful cardstockPlastic photo case

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