Veteran’s Day Activities {Freebie Included!}

With Veteran’s Day approaching, we’re all thinking of ways we can say “thank you” to the veterans in our own lives.  I’ve had several students whose parents, siblings, and grandparents are veterans and many schools are celebrating veterans this week with assemblies and activities.

In kindergarten, the concept of Veteran’s Day and “What is a veteran?” can be tricky to explain.  Like with any topic, I love to tie in some good-quality read-alouds with our activities.  Here are a few of my favorite read-alouds for Veteran’s Day:

There are several activities you can do to accompany read-alouds and discussions, including thank you cards, crowns, and academic activities with a Veteran’s Day theme.  Today, I’m going to share some sneak peeks of my Veteran’s Day activities pack.  It’s full of activities that can be used all week to supplement your discussion about Veteran’s Day.  
Every year, I donate 100% of the profits from this pack to the USO!
Veteran’s Day Half-Page Cards:

These simple half-page cards are great for reviewing vocabulary from your Veteran’s Day discussions.  They’re great for pocket charts!

“Thank You, Veterans” Crown:

This crown template has a color version and a black-and-white version!  
Thank You Card Templates 

There are multiple options for this card template.  The template shown above is the simplest, where students trace and sign their name.  There is also a tracing version where students can fill in the name of a veteran they know.  There is also a version with blank lines for writing a note.
Writing Activities
These pages have lots of options!  You can use the can/have/are page as an individual activity for more advanced writers, or you can project the page onto your white board and complete it as a class.  There are blank writing pages to use with this, as well as pages with a word bank.  I intentionally left the writing pages pretty open-ended because I know you probably have some great ideas of your own, too!
Coloring Page

This is a page that I usually have at my students’ tables when they arrive to school the day after we begin talking about Veteran’s Day.  You can use it in any way you like!
Reading and Math Printables

These printables have Veteran’s Day-related clipart images and are great to use during the few days surrounding Veteran’s Day.
Word Building Activity
This activity asks students to make as many words as they can using the letters in “Veteran’s Day”.  There’s also a version without the cutout letters, but they make it easier for kinders!
Roll and Color

Last but not least, the pack includes this Roll and Color activity.  Students will roll two dice, add the dots, and color the number on their page.  It can also be used with partners or at an independent math center, in morning tubs, etc.  As a thank you for stopping by my blog, you can grab this page for free by clicking here!
You can grab all of these activities on TpT by clicking on the image below!
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